A young lady making heirloom wooden tools and looms for fiber artists!

As you might have learned, Maggie created this shop with the help of myself, Sherri, her mother and her older sister, Jessy. Maggie is a wonderful young autistic adult, high functioning, with a wonderful ability to create and make in wood. We really didn't know she was such a skilled artist until a little over a year ago when she made me a beautiful shuttle for my birthday. She just had a few basic woodworking tools, like her old scroll saw and a drill and she worked for several days to make this first beautiful shuttle for me. Of course, I was moved to tears and it was so beautiful... and functional! A few days later, I asked if she could make a shuttle design that I was thinking about and yes, a few days later, she made it! Our first design all our own... the Finger Pick Shuttle.


I had been really struggling with how to help Maggie find her place in this crazy world of ours. She really works best by herself, at her own speed. Sometimes she is up all night, absorbed in her craft. Other days, she's not in the working mood and needs time within herself and her animals. That is not always a good skillset for working a traditional job. She can be a little cranky and she can be marvelously happy and then she can be in the middle somewhere. Jessy and I love her and know her and can help to guide and manage her business side of the company so that she can be Maggie and make her magic.

And magic she works! She now handcrafts over 100 different tools and looms. In the short time that her shop has been opened, in July of 2015, she has sold well over 15,000 products and has had over 10,000 orders. She is so thrilled with the success!. But the very best thing is the contentment and self confidence that this has brought to Maggie. She has invested in her workshop and in new beautiful tools to help her make even more beautiful things. She has been helping to pay our homestead farm's taxes and other needs and there has never been a happier kid. She feels like she is helping to support our family and add to the equation. It's just amazing.

So join us, like our page, share us with your fiber friends. We would really love that. We want to share great things we find, other shops, ideas and so much more. We'd like to be able to easily let you know about new looms and items that Maggie has cooked up! You can let us know about tools you'd like her to try out! Several of our popular items have come from suggestions and questions from her beloved customers! We love a challenge and we will continue to create and add to our offerings.

And best of all, it's free, it's not a thing that we will spam you with or bother you. We can let you know what is happening in Maggie's workshop and we can share neat things with ya. We hope youwill share with us as well!

Thanks so very much!

Sherri, Jessy and Maggie!




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