Windhaven's Ukulele Loom

Our adorable Ukulele looms is back and better then ever! We've altered the shape slightly to give more weaving room, so you could possibly card weave with very small cards.

Plus, we've heard your cries and have added a foot for table stability.

Although, the biggest change is the addition of an extra peg that adds an extra foot of weaving length over the original ukulele!

These little inkle looms are super adorable!! We were wondering if we could make an even smaller inkle loom than the Minstrel, and thus The Ukulele was born. Not even a foot long, it's perfect for slipping in purses and tote bags for weaving on the go. Great for more delicate/intricate work!

Now makes a 42" or a 3.5 foot band, surprising for the looms small size!

Plus, every Inkle loom comes with one for our Guppy stick shuttles and a instruction booklet with lots of pictures to help beginning weavers get started!

Can be made out of one of two hardwoods, so it will last you a lifetime, no problem. Specially designed and tested for maximum shed size, and ease of use. All products are hand sanded till they're super smooth, and then buffed with a natural beeswax blend to seal them.

The Ukulele 2.0 loom is 10" long, 7" tall, 5" wide
and weighs about 12 oz.

The pegs are 2 1/2" long so you can make
a fairly wide band without a problem.




Red Oak




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Shipping Schedule:

Please be aware, you are ordering a loom to be constructed for you!

It is not in stock and will not ship immediately.

At this time, all Uke looms are 3 to 4 weeks out from order




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