Windhaven's Mandolin Loom

The perfect card loom for all your weaving needs! A variation of our wonderful Harp inkle loom that has been adjusted to give maximum weaving space without the need to advance constantly. Looms come with a basic shuttle so you're ready to weave!

Makes a six foot band, enough for larger projects and pieces!

A sample set of our weaving cards comes to get started with this loom.

Made of durable hardwwod so it can last you a lifetime no problem. Specially designed and tested for maximum shed size, and ease of use. All products are hand sanded till they're super smooth, and then buffed with a natural beeswax blend to seal them.

The Mandolin loom is 23" long, 9" tall, 5.5" wide
and weighs a little less than 2 pounds.

The pegs are 4.5" long so you can make fairly wide band
without a problem.

The little foot is a perfect little spot to tuck shuttles mid-project.


Please be aware...
this loom can NOT do inkle weaving.

It is JUST for card or tablet weaving.




Red Oak




Free Shipping in the USA


Shipping Schedule:

Please be aware, you are ordering a loom to be constructed for you!

It is not in stock and will not ship immediately.

At this time, all Mandolin looms are 4 to 6 weeks out from order

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