Windhaven's Accordion Loom

This is one special loom! We wanted to create a loom that you can use to do all sorts of weaving, with ease! Perfect if you want to learn and dabble with inkle, card, tablet, rigid heddle, tapestry, even bead weaving, this loom will do it all.

It has 7 adjustable rods that allow you to change and create the loom you need. It's great for teaching because you can do so many types and not break the bank. Fantastic because it easily disassembles and can fit in small spaces! Great for RVers and people who want to live simply! We also supply two tough straps that allow you to strap the loom on an ottoman, footstool, chair, or small table! Instant stand!

Warped straight, for inkle and card weaving, the loom does a 6 foot band. However, if you use the take up rods, supplied with the loom, you can wind on a super long warp! Dependent only on how bulky your warp is!

Made of durable hardwood so it can last you a lifetime. Specially designed and tested for maximum shed size, and ease of use. All products are hand sanded till they're super smooth, and then buffed with a natural beeswax blend to seal them.

The Accordion loom is 23" long, 9" tall, 7" wide. The pegs are 6" or 12" long so you can make very wide bands without a problem. It is a two sided loom... with both sides removable with ease.

Only available in Red Oak.

---Accordion Looms Include---

-6" or 12" rods
-Small inkle shuttle(6") or stick shuttle(12")
-14 Knobs
-Rod end caps
-2 Tie-down straps
-Small canvas part bag
-No-slip Mat
-Instructional Booklet

Or you can get both sizes of rods and
get everything listed above!





This Model has ONLY 6" rods



This Model has ONLY 12 " rods


This Model has both 6" and 12" rods

Free Shipping in the USA


Shipping Schedule:

Please be aware, you are ordering a loom to be constructed for you!

It is not in stock and will not ship immediately.

At this time, all Accordion looms are 6 to 8 weeks out from order.



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